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Investing in Innovation to Commercialisation: Midlands ICURe showcase event

Tap into the exciting technologies emerging from some of the best Universities in the UK at the Midlands ICURe showcase event!

The Midlands ICURe Showcase event offers a gateway to some of the UK’s leading innovators who are bringing ground-breaking ideas to fruition and into the market. From health and med-tech to deep tech and sustainable tech, entrepreneur alumni from Sheffield through the East Coast have been making waves in the most recent cohorts of the Midlands ICURe programme.

Join this exclusive showcase event taking place in the heart of London, to spotlight and celebrate over 25 founders, ranging from early university spin-out to seed-stage and scale-ups. Tackling some of the foremost global challenges, a curated group of 12 founders will also be taking centre stage to showcase and pitch their investment opportunity.

This event offers not only an opportunity to network in the founder marketplace but also offers the chance to dive into the explosive opportunities emerging from the UK’s leading universities. Investors attending will have the chance to hear more about ICURe and its massive impact on businesses across the country, meet innovators that are seeking investment to grow, as well as connect with exciting tech founders approaching commercialisation and looking for investor support.

To date, the Innovate UK funded ICURe Programme has helped create over 100 new companies, 500+ new jobs and over £250m of translational funding for the 342 UK teams that have completed it.


  • 10:00 -10:30 Registration and Networking
  • 10:30 – 10:45 Opening introduction on ICURe
  • 10:45 – 12:00 Pitch presentations
  • 12:00 – 13:30 Networking, lunch, and meeting the founders
  • 13:30 – 14:45 Pitch presentations
  • 14:45 – 16:00 Networking and meeting the founders


Presenting businesses:


ARCITEKBio is a cleantech business whose bio-manufacturing platform allows C5 sugar waste/processed streams to be converted into xylitol, the world’s leading sugar substitute with an estimated $1.4bn market.




Audioscenic has developed a software-based fully immersive 3D audio technology that unlocks the full potential of spatial audio content (a $15bn market) using conventional loudspeakers.




Chromatwist is a leader in the development of large Stokes shift fluorescent dyes for healthcare applications including bio-sensing and bio-imaging.



Cryologyx is developing a new generation of cryoprotectants for the medicines discovery, diagnostics and cell-therapy industries, delivering viable cells and cell therapies in the format users want, any time they want them.




Cytoswim has developed microstructured sperm separation technology which allows for the selection of the highest quality sperm cells with the least damage compared to other methods to ensure the highest chance of success for IVF patients.





Erebagen has developed a platform that enables it to engineer soil bacteria to produce new bioactive natural products with hit-rates 20x-better than synthetic chemicals currently being used.



Metallobio is developing a novel antimicrobial platform technology with application potential as a systemic drug and an additive/coating in medical and non-medical materials.




OVO Biomanufacturing are creating a platform that improves the efficiency of viral vaccine manufacture, leading to multi-fold improvements in yield, reduced costs, improved distribution and potentially help new vaccines to scale and reach market.




Oxford Target Therapeutics is developing technology that inhibits cancer cell proliferation for the treatment of highly aggressive cancers, which is less likely to cause off-target side effects and to induce drug resistance in the treated cells.





Scintam has developed a portable solution based on electrical discharge machining to effectively dissolve metallic fasteners, providing significant increases in speed and safety over existing methods.



ViridiCO2 efficiently and sustainably converts carbon dioxide into high-value chemical products such as surfactants, polymer feedstocks and small molecules, replacing up to 50% of traditional petrochemical feedstocks with the captured waste CO2.




Zayndu has created a cold-plasma seed treatment system that delivers significantly improved germination and growth rate, and improves crop success by removing harmful pathogens without the use of harsh chemicals.



As well as hearing from the presenting businesses, investors will have the chance to meet exciting tech founders from the Midlands ICURe programme who are approaching commercialisation and looking for investor support.


This event is investor only and all places are being reserved for those actively investing in early-stage businesses. 

Date and time
22 March 2022
10:00 - 16:00
Venue Address

County Hall
Belvedere Road

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