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Introduction to AI & Data Analytics in Fundraising

In today’s fast-paced start-up world, the ability to secure capital is crucial. With the evolution of AI and data analytics, the modern fundraising landscape is rapidly shifting. This insightful webinar, presented by industry experts Elliott Gaspar at Standard Ledger and Rahil Patel at Ark Kapital, aims to elucidate how AI and data analytics play an intrinsic role in modern fundraising, and how the tools and data you harness can be the determining factor in your capital-raising success.

The key topics covered will include:

👉 Deciphering Business Metrics – Dive into the nitty-gritty of granular metrics and understand what investors and lenders look for.

👉 Predictive Analysis for Fundraising – How forecasting future outcomes can give start-ups an edge when securing capital.

👉 Tools of the Trade – Overview of the latest AI-driven tools and platforms reshaping the fundraising landscape.

👉 Start-up Stories – Real-life examples of businesses that successfully utilized AI and data analytics in their capital-raising ventures.

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We look forward to seeing you on 14 November! 🙂



Elliot Gaspar

UK Director, Standard Ledger

Elliott is an experienced finance professional with a penchant for startups. They seem to like him too and well they should, because he’s helped startups raise more than £500 million and led finance teams from pre-revenue to £40 million EBITDA.

As an accountant and CFO, Elliott leads Standard Ledger’s UK business, bringing accounting as a service to UK-based startups. With the energy of 5 traditional accountants, the nous of a COO and a passion for solving business problems, he’s also on a mission to prove accountants can be operators, too.


Rahil Patel

Ark Kapital

Rahil has prior experience in equity and debt investing at Augmentum Fintech and Kreos Capital. He is currently part of the UK team at ArK, where the focus is on empowering tech founders and CFOs. ArK achieves this goal through providing AI-driven forecasting and fundraising tools, along with the opportunity to secure non-dilutive capital of up to £10 million.

Date and time
14 November 2023
12:00 - 13:00
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