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How to Get Rid of a Problem Founder

Minerva Business Angels, the second most active angel network in the UK on a deal basis, brings to you another webinar board-level event in its Educational Series – “How to Get Rid of a Founder”

While many businesses start with good intentions, not everybody gets on, and being both a founder and shareholder creates its own challenges when a founder is no longer the right person to support the company.

Lee Jeffcot, a partner at Barbners LLP and an experienced employment solicitor who has made case law in his own right, takes us through the challenge of removing a founder.

Lee is an experienced employment lawyer who handles complex employment and HR-related issues for businesses and senior executives.

He advises on highly sensitive matters such as terminations and business protection, including enforcing restrictive covenants, TUPE and business reorganisations.

He also handles internal investigations including discrimination and whistleblowing cases and helps businesses implement HR policies and processes. He has also presented prominent employers at employment tribunals across the UK. In addition he advises businesses on industrial relations and dealing with trade unions.

He also guest blogs for industry publication Personnel Today and has developed innovative training for businesses on people related matters. He is a freelance lecturer for BPP Professional Development.

He is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association and Eurolegal.

Date and time
26 May 2023
12:30 - 13:30
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