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How has technology changed online entertainment?

Stakeholderz are delighted to be joined by Mikael Thiery and Erol Mustafov from Twisted Mirror Films on Monday 17 August at 10.30am for ‘How has technology changed online entertainment?’. They are at the forefront of technology innovation with their new comedy streaming service that’s already been picked up by some of the major players across Europe including Vodafone and EE.

Megan Snijman, Venture Relations Manager at Stakeholderz, will be talking with them about what the major developments have been in the last ten years, what future trends they predict including the impact of 5G, how investing in entertainment technology can be seen as a social enterprise, the rise of short form comedy, what challenges they face to monitor content, and how online entertainment can compete with live experiences through app development. They’ll be using case studies and their own experiences to showcase this emerging and rapidly growing area of investment.

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Date and time
17 August 2020
10:30 - 11:00
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