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“Good Money”: How to define your purpose through impact angel investing

Today, many investors want to invest for both profit and purpose. They tell us that they want to use their money to both ‘do good and do well’ from their investments. In this interactive workshop, HERmesa angel syndicate and Stories Evolved will help you dig into the impact you want to have when angel investing.

What founder missions animate you? What is the societal value you want to create with your investment funds? Indeed, what is your purpose? And how can you articulate it in a way that connects you with the right founders and inspires others to jump onboard.?

At this session, the founders of Stories Evolved, Christina Bartholomew and Aimee Girdwood, will help you to locate and describe what Good Money means to you and how to build a narrative that makes you a thought leader on the issues that matter most to you.


Stories Evolved delivers bespoke ESG/Sustainability training, education and programming for enterprises, legal professionals and academic institutions. Our programmes empower participants to accelerate progress towards their environmental, human rights and diversity goals. Co-Founders Christina Bartholomew (based in London) and Aimée Girdwood (based in Johannesburg) are both university educators and attorneys. www.storiesevolved.com

HERmesa is a women-led syndicate of angel investors who invest their expertise and capital to support early stage tech and deep science start-ups (co)founded by women. We want to change the world, and make money doing it. By investing in women, we invest in the future and ensure there’s always a seat at the table for more women. Come join us! www.hermesa.co.uk

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Date and time
13 October 2021
16:30 - 17:30
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