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Go Beyond Virtual Investment Event

Virtually Meet SMEs in Due Diligence with Go Beyond Investors

Who should attend
Private investors who are ready to support and invest in non-quoted SMEs.

What will be covered
Presentations by 2 SMEs who are currently in due diligence with Go Beyond investors
Review from the Go Beyond lead investor
Update on deal pipeline
How the event is delivered
Part 1: first hour

Per presenting SME:

o Introduction by Go Beyond Deal Lead
o 10 minute investment pitch by entrepreneur
o 5 minute Q&A session
o 5 minute status report from Go Beyond Deal Lead
o Investors vote on interest level
o 5-10 minutes of discussing deals “Ready to Invest”

Review, discussion and next steps on deal pipeline and portfolio

Part 2 (optional): 30 minutes to an hour

Open discussion between investors and Go Beyond Deal Lead on deals presented during Part 1.

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Date and time
12 April 2017
18:30 - 19:30
Venue Address