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Go Beyond Deal Terms Webinar – Part 2

Who should attend?
Only registrants of Part 1 may attend Part 2. Registration is required to receive dial-up/log-in information

What will be covered

Key principles of capital structure:

  • Different types of shares
  • Share value
  • Releasing shares
  • What are term sheets and shareholder agreements and why have them

Most frequent clauses in these agreements:

  • What are they
  • Why are they used
  • Current practices
  • Review an agreement
  • Steps and tips for closing a deal, pre-closing and at-closing

Note: the topics covered are common EU/US practices. They do not cover local/national specificities

How the webinar is delivered:
This webinar is delivered in 2 parts; part 2 contains course content not covered in Part 1, due to time constraints.
A visual presentation is used
An experienced Business Angel shares their knowledge with you
Attendees have the opportunity to share their experiences and raise issues they currently do or have faced
Review and critique a real case study

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Date and time
15 June 2016
19:30 - 21:00
Venue Address