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FREE WEBINAR: Maximising Cashflow during COVID-19

Join TBAT Directors, Matt Symonds and Sam Stephens for an insight into how R&D funding can boost your short and long term cashflow.

About this Event

Increasing cashflow is of upmost importance to UK businesses during these uncertain times. Now is the time to explore every possible source of cash for your business and where R&D focused businesses can access additional funds.

R&D Tax Credits offer a quick cash injection as a reward for the research and development your business has already completed.

Grant Funding provides a longer-term cashflow option to fund your future R&D projects. Planning ahead now allows you to identify and apply for the funding you need.

Things we will cover:

  • Using R&D Tax to boost short-term cashflow
  • Maximising your new or existing claim
  • How UK Government Coronavirus financial support could affect your claim
  • Overview of current & upcoming funding opportunities
  • Business & project planning for future funding
  • Funding opportunity ‘Roadmaps’

Who should attend:

  • Business owners
  • SME’s
  • Managing Directors
  • Financial Directors


Sam Stephens – Founding Director of TBAT and Director of R&D Tax.

Matt Symonds – Managing Director of TBAT for 13 years.

About TBAT Innovation:

TBAT Innovation is a first-choice provider of innovation support for technology R&D organisations throughout the UK; accessing grant funding, R&D tax credits and scoping innovation opportunities.

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Date and time
23 April 2020
11:00 - 12:00
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