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Envestors: V is for Valuation, a Webinar on how to set valuations

JUL 29, 9.00 AM

People should not be afraid of investors, they should be afraid of high valuations

Join us for an online event where we provide you with tips on how to set a valuation that won’t scare off investors.

The event will take place on 29 July, at 9:00am.

Valuation is one of the key reasons an investor will reject a deal – even before they’ve looked at it, so it is critical to get right. But, how do you know what valuation is fair for the current stage of your business? In this thirty-minute online event for start-ups, we will explore:

  • Why valuation is so important to investors
  • How valuations are changing in the current economic climate
  • Factors to consider in setting your valuation
  • Case examples of low/high valuations


This pitch event takes place on Wednesday, July 29

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Date and time
29 July 2020
09:00 - 12:00
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