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Do Angel Investors Actually Make Money? Part 2

Stakeholderz is delighted to announce that, due to popular demand, we are organizing Part 2 of the “Do Angel Investors Actually Make Money?” event on 27th January at 11:30 am with none other than Oliver Woolley (CEO and Co-Founder of Envestors).

We are also thrilled and honoured to welcome Professor Colin Mason (Professor of Entrepreneurship at Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow) to our webinar.

For an angel investor who wishes to invest in this exciting world of start-ups, whether they are new or experienced this event is a must.

Oliver will start the webinar by talking about his recent research findings on investment returns from angel investing. The research, conducted by the UKBAA and nine angel networks, gathered performance data the UK’s leading angel investors who, collectively, invested £65m+ in over 1,500 companies over 10+ years.

Following this there will be a talk by Colin, who is all set to challenge the view that “a good investment will find its own exit”. Compared to the advice that is available to business angels on how to make an investment there is little discussion on the exit process. But there is no return if there is no exit. He suggests that angels need to take a proactive approach to the exit process.

Due to the constraint of time at the last event, we have arranged for an extended Question & Answer session so that all your questions may be addressed.

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Date and time
27 January 2022
11:30 - 12:30
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