Deal Terms Webinar – Part 1

Who should attend?

  • Investors and/or entrepreneurs who want to:
    • understand, in business language, the various clauses in term sheets and shareholder agreements
    • represent their interests and objective when negotiating/signing angel investing agreements
    • communicate more effectively with legal professionals
  • Professionals who are active in the SME investing sector

What will be covered?

  • Key principles of capital structure:
    • different types of shares
    • share value
    • releasing shares
  • What are term sheets and shareholder agreements and why have them
    • Most frequent clauses in these agreements:
    • what are they
    • why are they used
    • current practices
  • Review an agreement
  • Steps and tips for closing a deal, pre-closing and at-closing
Note: the topics covered are common EU/US practices. They do not cover local/national specificities


How the webinar is delivered

  • This webinar is delivered in 2 parts; part 2 will contain course content not covered in Part 1, due to time constraints
  • An experienced Business Angel shares their knowledge with you
  • Attendees have the opportunity to share their experiences and raise issues they currently do, or have faced
  • Review and critique a real case study

Register here.

Date and time
24 October 2016
20:30 - 22:00
Venue Address
Virtual event