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DATA Accelerator Demo Day

The 15 companies which have taken part in the DATA accelerator look forward to pitching in front of investors and industry.

About this event

DATA stands for Data-driven Advanced Therapeutics Accelerator. It’s a three-month accelerator programme focussed on the exciting intersection between data analytics and drug discovery. Training and mentoring are provided for biotech start-ups to help them develop ideas, build momentum and give them the skills to move to the next phase. The DATA accelerator programme is the first of its kind to bring together AI and drug discovery in a focussed programme.

The 15 companies which have taken part in the DATA accelerator are looking forward to pitching to investors on the demo day.


1:00-1:10pm:10 min introduction from Dr Sally Ann Forsyth OBE, Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst CEO

1:10-2:30pm: 15 x 5 minute fire-pitches.

2:30-onward: Online networking using the Remo platform – https://live.remo.co/e/data-accelerator-demo-day


Start-ups (in order of appearance):


A self-service analytics platform that empowers biologists to perform complex analysis and visualisation by themselves.



Biotx.ai use novel, state of the art, machine learning approaches specifically designed to find complex patterns in biomedical data.



Enedra uses synthetic lethality and advanced computational systems biology to create therapeutics that work against heterogeneous cancers.



Exogene accelerates the discovery of T-cell-receptor(TCR)-based cancer immunotherapies for solid tumours by combining deep learning and high-throughput TCR-antigen screening.


Glamourous AIhttps://glamorous.ai/

GlamorousAI is AI-first preclinical biotech and SaaS platform focusing on the discovery of novel chemistry for challenging targets, where no or only a few binders are known.


Human Centric Drug Discovery

HCDD uses a unique combination of human data from electronic health records, human-derived stem cell models, and human genomic sequencing to show which drug targets and drugs are more likely to work for CNS disorders.



iLoF is working to enable a new era of personalized medicine, by using AI and photonics to build a cloud-based library of diseases biomarkers and biological profiles enabling affordable patient stratification during clinical trials.



Kantify has developed a disease-agnostic platform that uses machine learning to identify disease targets, find hits, optimize leads, and reduce the cost and failure of clinical trials.



Micrographia Bio is a next generation life sciences company focused on applying machine learning to microscopy to a drug discovery end.



Oppilotech have developed a high-resolution platform based on systems biology and machine learning to model biological processes in cells.



The first flexible, open platform built for scientists enabling structured experimental data, analytics and lab management all in one place.



Rahko is making drug discovery faster and cheaper today with quantum-inspired machine learning, and vastly more powerful and accurate tomorrow with quantum computing.


Solvemed Grouphttps://www.solvemedgroup.com/

With the primary focus in Parkinson’s disease, Solvemed Group leverage machine learning to develop novel diagnostic-predictive digital biomarkers to enable both drug discovery and first-in-class, cost-effective diagnostics.


Svastia Geneticshttps://svastia.ai/

Svastia’s oncology knowledgebase, novel clinical genomic data, and 300+ genetic analysis wokflows empower clinical trial design, patient selection and stratification.


Vivan Therapeuticcshttps://vivantx.com/

Vivan Therapeutics incorporate a patient’s tumorigenic mutations in fruit fly libraries to rapidly conduct massive drug screening campaigns using AI and robotics.

Date and time
21 September 2021
13:00 - 16:00
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