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Angel Masterclass

What have we learnt over the past few months? It’s been quite a storm and we’ve all been on the journey, just in different boats. The same goes for those entrepreneurs who are trying ride the waves, and hoping that the economic downturn won’t mean angels are shying away.

What Stakeholderz has learnt over the last few weeks is that angels are doing anything but keeping their distance. In fact (using data from the Activate Our Angels survey) 67% have been investing, predominantly in new deals. They’ve been completing more deals and increasing cheque sizes by 18%.

So what should you do next? If you’re feeling uncertain about changes in the market, the implications of an investment pivoting and revising and its strategy, the tax implications of Covid…then we can help you with the answers.

Together with Angel News Stakeholderz has tailored our Angel Masterclass to meet the needs of investors during this crisis. Now is the time to come together, take inspiration from others using the power of the collective online classroom, and use knowledge from across sectors to make the most of investments and support our entrepreneurs.

To book for our June classes on 15 and 18 June (4-8pm) simply visit our website where you can find out more about each module and the benefits the programme will bring you.

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Date and time
15 June 2020 - 18 June 2020
16:00 - 20:00
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