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Angel Masterclass – post investment and getting an exit

Now more than ever it is important to look after the investments that already sit in your portfolio. The final part of Stakeholderz/AngelNews online Masterclass focuses on post investment and getting an exit in these uncertain times.

This is a stand alone module most suited for the more experienced investor. Full details on what to expect and how to book can be found online.

The course content for this module focuses on:

  1. Understanding tricky deal terms – liquidation preference.
  2. Negotiating the deal
  3. Deal management and your role: the syndicate 3rd party managers, board seats, “advisory roles”, passive, reporting issues.
  4. Follow on rounds: when they come and why, what to look for and how to decide whether to follow your money.
  5. Getting an exit: different exit routes, liquidity event vs an exit,  deferred consideration.  Your role in preparing for an exit.
  6. Preparing for an exit: how to make the company attractive, sales process (trade sale), IPO, secondary; MBO.
  7. The exit process: selling memorandum, data room, warranties and indemnities, sale vs completion.

The course is led by AngelNews Founder, Modwenna Rees-Mogg and all course materials will be posted to participants in advance. For more information please contact Helen Terry, hterry@stakeholderz.com

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Date and time
30 April 2020
16:00 - 20:00
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