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Angel Masterclass – New online classes now released!

In association with AngelNews, Stakeholderz has developed a series of Angel Masterclasses to share with you what Modwenna Ree-Mogg (Founder of AngelNews) has learnt over the years. This course will  help  get better outcomes and make your business angel journey an enjoyable – if roller coaster – experience, both for you and the companies you invest in.

Business angels often start their journey with plenty of good intentions about ‘giving back’, helping young entrepreneurs, having fun and of course, making money, but find the reality is starkly different.

There are some classic bear traps that new business angels can fall into, including:

  1. Following on – it’s a rare investment that won’t require further investment down the line so how you structure your longer term financial involvement is essential.
  2. Understanding the business – it may sound exciting but if you don’t understand the fundamentals of the business, it probably isn’t an investment for you.
  3. Relationships – falling out with the founders or finding that everyone is pulling in different directions can turn an investment sour.  Knowing how to keep things civil is crucial.
  4. Hovering – helicopter investors can cause more problems than they solve so angels need to have the right level of involvement to make their investment a success.

Now, more than ever, this course will cover the crucial aspects of angel investing:

Module 1:
  • Getting Ready to Invest – understanding the angel market , expectations and outcomes, learn about how to identify the right deals and how to structure them
  • Getting Into the Detail – learn about due diligence, explore the key legal aspects of angel investing and understand complex deal terms
Module 2:
  • Post Investment & Getting an Exit – learn about deal management, your role as an investor, and follow-on rounds. Understand the different to exit and how to mange the exit process

When: the course takes place over 2 sessions on :
Monday 11th May: 4pm – 8pm, Thursday 14th May – 4pm – 8pm

If you can’t make the May dates, we will be running the course every month. Next dates are 1st & 4th June / 6th & 9th July
Cost: The cost for the complete course of two modules is £950. For one module alone it is £525.
To book, please contact Helen Terry, hterry@stakeholderz.com.
Date and time
30 April 2020 - 09 July 2020
16:00 - 20:00
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