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Angel Investors: How to find, approach and secure funding

The Angels Den Academy is a set of educational sessions and workshops from Angels Den Funding targeted at helping entrepreneurs to finance and grow their businesses. For this, the AD team have partnered up with its network of highly knowledgeable partners to bring you unique insights and knowledge to help your business succeed.

You are invited to our second event wherein we will be hosting a panel of experienced professionals and senior angel investors who will be discussing angel investment in depth. They will seek to explain the different aspects of angel investors and angel investment, how it works and what to think about as an entrepreneur when seeking or receiving angel funding. The questions answered during this session are among others:

  • What is an Angel Investor?
  • What are the ticket sizes of angels, and how do they invest?
  • What companies should fundraise through angels?
  • What are the benefits and drawback of angel investment?
  • What does different type of angels look for in a startup?
  • How do you approach and secure funding from angel investors?
  • Post-investment: How do you maintain a good and mutually beneficial relationship?


The panel will consist of the following people:

Colin Spiller

With experience from software, engineering and banking, Colin is one of The City’s “Go To” guys for start-ups seeking investment. He founded and manages the London Angel Club at Angels Den and is a non-executive director for Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce.

Stephen Scruton

After previously being head of equity research at HSBC CEEMEA among other corporate positions, Stephen is now an angel investor, chairman and advisor for several successful startups and professor at Hult International Business School

Jane Anderson

Jane was previously a lecturer at National University of Singapore, consultant at YSC, and non-executive director for Kandu, and is now an angel investor, freelance consultant and chair at the Irene Taylor Trust.

Michael Ashworth

Michael was a board member at Visa UK, SVP at Worldpay, CFO at Firza group and is now an angel investor, senior advisor at various startups as well as strategic development director for the startup Modulr.


This interactive virtual event will take place on the 23rd of February from 17:00 to 18:00 GMT and will include an active Q&A session. The recording of the event will be available to attendees and absentees for future usage. If you would like to register, please see the link below:



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Date and time
23 February 2021
17:00 - 18:00
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Online: Hopin

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