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Angel Academy – Foundations of Angel Investing Course & Practice

While many people calling themselves business angels, the level of professionalism varies. Startups and professional investors are looking for smart money. While experience comes with time, techniques can be acquired. Angel Academy is London’s first formalised angel investing course. Our course builds a solid foundation for successful angel investing. It delivers best practices, principles plus includes practical training.


  • Identifying Attractive Opportunities
  • Understanding Angel Investing
  • Angel Landscape (networks, trends, facts & figures, investment rounds)
  • Investor profiles, reporting, board seats, involvement, expectations, smart / dumb money
  • Types of companies
    o Tech v tech-enabled v trad business
    o B2C issues (Platforms, on-demand, market places, customer acquisition)
    o Growth profile
    o Risk factors
  • Assessing the Team
  • Assessing the Market (size of opportunity, founders bias, TAM, beachhead, competition, trends)
  • Assessing the Opportunity

2. Technical Panel (Tax, Legals and Due Diligence)

  • Tax optimsied angel investing (EIS, SEIS, etc)
  • Legals (types of doc, drag/tag, good/bad leavers, warranties, downround protections)
  • Different types of shares (ord, pref, double/single dipping, liquidation preferences, etc)
  • Due diligence (what, where and how)
  • Q&A

3. Understanding the Numbers

  • Financial projections (what to look out for)
  • Growth Drivers and Key metrics (CLV, CAC, virality, margins, retention / churn, runway etc)
  • Testing assumptions (fact v hypothesis)
  • Valuation methods
  • Dilution, return on investment & exitBUSINESS LUNCH
  • 4. Analysing startup pitches
  • 4 x real startup pitch sessions
  • Analysis of the pitches
  • Creating investment syndicates
  • Negotiation simulations

5. Capstone

Recap on key learnings

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Date and time
02 July 2016
10:00 - 16:00
Venue Address
London Business School - Regent's Park Sussex Place, London, NW1 4SA