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Activate Ventures pitch event

Activate Ventures has now selected the companies that will be pitching at the next quarterly pitch event.

Find out more about each of the companies below:


SMASH is an IP marketplace for film & TV pitches.A SaaS, data driven, high growth company with the potential to scale globally, SMASH solves problems for content creators and creates value for decision makers. As streaming services battle for subscribers, we make it easy to find projects that will resonate with diverse audiences. 


Milbotix is an award-winning care-tech and med-tech start-up, creating innovative digital technologies to enable better care for people experiencing communication difficulties, including people living with dementia. Socks are familiar, comfortable, and non-stigmatising. The Milbotix smart socks are familiar and comfortable, and alert carers to signs of (unverbalised) distress caused by pain, anxiety, or frustration. They aim to deliver a range of benefits for the 1.5 million people living with dementia, autism spectrum disorders, and learning disabilities. They have the potential to improve quality of life, reduce agitation, decrease burden on families and carers, and save costs for health and social care.


The massive shift to teletherapy in mental health, accelerated by lockdown, has broken the therapeutic delivery model where patients used to go to the physically safe space of the therapist’s office, now the therapist goes to the patient via a video call; it’s neither physically safe nor digitally confidential. Our team, with 110 years of experience in digital and health, is realising the digital innovation potential within therapy – and it’s way more than a secure video call. Our virtual therapy room has solicited 7 letters of intent from prospects that want to trial it, including an NHS Trust, plus we are discussions with 3 major service providers to innovate their digital care pathways, one of which is considering investment.


Dtime is an impact-driven venture that is developing a smart data discovery solution named Dtechtive. Dtechtive helps people find internal and open data easily using simple search terms. It also helps data owners gather insights on how people interact with their data and what they do with it. Since the Scottish Government is a partner in the development of this solution, we have strategic access to the internal and open data markets in Scotland. We also have a strong team with experience in the industry, academia and non-profits.


Yum Bug are an edible insect company on a mission to change perceptions around insects as food. Their range of bug-based meat alternatives aren’t just good for the planet but are also great for you – made with natural, high-quality protein that has 50% more protein than the next highest meat alternative. The edible insect space is projected to grow 16x this decade and Yum Bug aim to lead the charge by being the go-to bug brand.


If you’d like to come along to the event, request an invite by emailing tracey@activateventures.co.uk

Date and time
28 June 2022
17:30 - 19:00
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