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Abbey Road Red Demo Day

Abbey Road’s music tech incubator – Abbey Road Red – was the first of its kind in Europe on launch and is now in its fourth year, counting 13 companies between its current cohort and alumni, who have between them raised more than $25m and represent a valuation of more than $120m.

Abbey Road Red builds upon a legacy of more than 87 years of ground-breaking technological advances – from the creation of stereo and recording techniques such as Artificial Double Tracking (ADT), to the blueprint for the modern recording console. Red aims to support the endeavours of the brightest music tech entrepreneurs, researchers and developers and help introduce the next set of universally adopted recording technologies into the music business.

The Red Demo Day, hosted in Abbey Road’s iconic Studio Two, provides a great opportunity to cast a spotlight on our graduating companies, welcome the new companies joining the programme and pause to reflect on some of the emerging music technology trends such as artificial intelligence applications to music. The event will also overview our other innovation efforts from our inaugural hackathon to our exploration of spatial audio.

This is an invite-only event. As a member of the UKBAA community we would like to invite you to join us! There are a limited amount of spaces available so please sign up quickly if you’d like to come.

Below is a short introduction to the companies that will attend the event.


LifeScore marries musical notation with proprietary cellular composition algorithms. This process allows for adaptive music that is either fully autonomous or responsive to real-time user or environmental data inputs. The technology utilises Founder and CEO Philip Shepard’s expertise and experience with musical composition. The adaptive engine can operate across any musical genre and has the possibility to be integrated across many industry sectors.


Broomx Technologies:

Experts in the creation of immersive experiences in real spaces, Broomx Technologies are the makers of the MK Player360, a unique projection device to enjoy interactive VR applications & 360° media without the need for individual headsets. The team have also created BroomxVR, a community platform where VR artists & content creators can share and monetize their productions. This patented system is able to work in any room or corner, with a wide range of applications, and it is currently making an impact in a number of sectors such as health, education, tourism, engineering, events production & retail.


COTODAMA are bringing lyric culture back to centre-stage with their intelligent lyric synchronisation and visualisation software, which manifests itself in their Lyric Speaker, the soon to be released Lyric Speaker Canvas and the co-developed rekordbox with Pioneer DJ. Their Expression Engine creates lyric visuals in real-time matching song mood, structure and lyric timing information. The Lyric Speakers showcase the potential of the lyric visualisation capabilities, whilst the technology itself can be integrated into many different applications from concert screens to smart speakers, making COTODAMA’s technology both versatile and visually stunning


Humtap is a generative composition app for iOS devices that brings AI music creation to mobile devices. The consumer-facing app transforms user inputs (humming and tapping) into songs in a number of different genres and styles with the option to add a vocal track and video to your creations. Employing technologies such as artificial intelligence, music information retrieval (MIR) and digital signal processing (DSP), Humtap is democratising the music creation process.


Better music means better content, but YouTube’s leading Creators are not using commercial music for fear of a copyright claim and losing their ad revenue. Lickd is the first commercial music licensing platform for online digital Creators; Creators pre-pay a fee per track linked to the size of their audience and our proprietary software – “Vouch” – manages the claim through Content ID, ensuring licensed users continue to receive their ad revenue. First to market, first to license commercial music and the first claims free experience for Creators and all over the world.

Vochlea Music:

Vochlea is a music technology company with a focus on audio-controlled interfaces for music creation. Their launch product, a handheld device similar to a microphone, converts your vocals into instrumentation. Personalised to the vocal profile of the user, it is able to interpret sounds the user makes and translate them into the desired musical expression. Imagine a device where your beatboxing can trigger drum samples in real-time, your humming is translated into a controlled and intricate guitar melody. This is the power of Vochlea

AI Music:

The mission of AI Music is simple: we are shaping the future of music creation and consumption. We’re exploring what happens when you apply the latest techniques in artificial intelligence to music creation; We think this is the next leap in music’s evolution, to change it from a static process of a one-directional interaction, to one of a universal dynamic co-creation.


Scored is a next generation library music service, with a mission to enhance storytelling and profitability for all stakeholders across all mediums, efficiently and at scale. By combining an intuitive and beautifully designed user interface with a new form of dynamic composition, the Scored Sync multi-platform solution allows users to create dynamic soundtracks that are sculpted to match the on-screen action and cues.

Date and time
05 February 2020
16:30 - 19:30
Venue Address
Abbey Road, Studio Two, Abbey Road Studios, NW8 9AY