Founded in 2013, the Oxford based company ZAP & GO have developed a solution to the problems encountered by all the current generation of appliances, devices and vehicles powered by lithium: slow charging.

Their revolutionary, award-winning technology uses carbon nano- materials that can, in under five minutes, fully provide a safe and durable power cell. After a successful initial funding round that raised in excess of £1m through ENVESTORS, ZAP & GO Investment Director Simon Harris decided to seek further funds through ENVESTRYTM.

‘We are at the forefront of this highly specialised, cutting-edge technology and thus are naturally very capital hungry’, explains Simon. ‘However, raising funds can be a hugely time-consuming business. We had featured on BBC Click – which created a very welcome buzz – but we wanted to ensure that we had some control over the whole process of fundraising, which is exactly what ENVESTRYTM does. Having worked with the team as an employee of ENVESTORS, I had no doubts in their ability to deliver a platform that would be user friendly for the investor, whilst maintaining the necessary tenacity and clarity. As their client, I knew that they did not expect us to adapt to fit the platform, and that we would maintain far more control over the process than we could hope to expect fromits competitors.

The team behind ENVESTRYTM have years of experience running a successful private investor network and know exactly what features companies need when they’re raising funds, such as advising us on all legal and regulatory compliance. They also know exactly what investors want to see which optimises the whole experience with maximum benefits.

The tools remain in place, even when the funding round closes. Everything is in place for further funding rounds, but in the meantime, it can be used as an investor relations portal to keep shareholders and investors informed of progress and developments.

The easiest analogy would be to compare it to a fan club. The message spreads virally and it has worked far better than we had even hoped. Friends tell friends, members tell members and this raises ZAP & GO’s profile exponentially.And the important bit: we have connected to 137 investors, made 39 deals and, at the time of writing, raised £437,000 entirely through our ENVESTRYTM platform’.

ENVESTRYTM is a white-labelled FCA regulated crowdfunding platform, which organisations licence to help them manage investors and deals. The key benefits for licensees are that it offers a complete set of tools: dashboards, CRM tools, online book-building, FCA regulatory cover and the opportunity to syndicate as part of the enlarged ENVESTRYTM network of networks.


By Envestors06 Apr 2018