Yond, a dynamic tech startup transforming the travel landscape, secures £150,000 SEIS from Jenson Funding Partners

Investors in this round: Jenson Funding Partners LLP

Yond is transforming the travel landscape by weaving social commerce into the very fabric of travel looking to booking!

Yond, a revolutionary travel planning app that will transform how travellers explore the world, has secured £150,000 in a pre-Seed round led by early-stage venture capital firm Jenson Funding Partners. Founded in 2023 by Mark Merrywest and Emily Vinsen, the funding will be used for product development and go-to-market activities to test and validate the new social commerce concept and ensure product-market fit.

Yond was born out of the realisation that while social media serves as a powerful source of travel inspiration, the process of actually planning and booking a trip remains fragmented and disconnected from that inspiration. Popular destinations, experiences, and travel influencer content spark interest, but converting that interest into an actual itinerary and bookings requires jumping between multiple tools and platforms.

Additionally, travel creators have limited ability to monetize their trending content and influence real bookings beyond a short viral window. Yond aims to solve these problems by seamlessly integrating inspirational travel content with the full trip planning and booking experience, powered by AI technology.

Yond’s innovative travel planning app is currently in development with a waitlist of customers registering for early access. The app will help you with everything from finding the perfect destination and booking flights and accommodation to creating personalised itineraries and discovering hidden gems.

For those currently on the waitlist they are receiving exclusive benefits like early access to the app, special discounts, and travel tips delivered straight to their inbox. Plus, they have access to an inspiring travel blog.

Mark, co-founder of Yond, commented: “For any traveller the ease of the looking to booking process is the key to a great trip. This is where Yond comes in,” commented Mark Merrywest. “We’re a solution that helps travellers personalise their entire travel experience – from discovering amazing destinations on social media, to creating a custom itinerary, and making all their bookings in one place.”

“And now, as AI becomes more accessible, we can finally bridge the gap between digital inspiration and real-world travel plans. Yond uses AI to simplify the entire process by curating personalised travel options based on the online content that inspires you most. We’re excited to partner with Jenson Funding Partners to be able to bring this innovative social commerce experience to adventurous travellers everywhere.”

Sarah Barber, CEO of Jenson Funding Partners, says: “We are thrilled to have Yond in our portfolio and look forward to joining their journey to redefine travel planning and booking, enhancing the full experience. It’s great to have founders like Mark and Emily developing solutions to personalise travel planning of the destinations seen on social media”.


Yond, a dynamic tech startup transforming the travel landscape, secures £150,000 SEIS from Jenson Funding Partners

Yond, a dynamic tech startup transforming the travel landscape, secures £150,000 SEIS from Jenson Funding Partners

By Jenson Funding Partners Jenson Funding Partners LLP Profile 10 Jul 2024