UK business set to revolutionise circular solution for building products

EnviraBoard launches first carbon-negative building boards

The UK-based manufacturer, EnviraBoard, has announced its plans to bring a carbon-negative building board to the construction industry.

Using proven Danish technology (IP acquired) EnviraBoard utilises recycled paper sludge as the raw material for its sustainable building boards, which are aptly named “EnviraBoards”. This paper sludge, which is a secondary waste material that would usually end up in landfill or incineration, is free from toxins and is environmentally safe.

From waste to value

The EnviraBoard product offers both a solution to the waste disposal challenges in the paper recycling industry, and a new, sustainable, and totally circular alternative to the widely used plasterboard products – typically made from gypsum, which is not only mined, but environmentally challenging and requires specialist recycling solutions.

Easy installation and negative carbon

The new EnviraBoards demonstrate a net reduction in carbon emission (compared to disposing of the waste) and can be recycled to produce new boards, or simply allowed to biodegrade naturally. They also offer strong acoustic and fire-retardant performance, excellent impact resistance, and are flexible, clean, quick and easy to install, handle and finish.


EnviraBoard has launched a SEED funding round (4th July 2024), with a target of £2m, to support the expansion of its UK manufacturing business including the construction of a mini-plant. Following a project with the Institute of Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge, which assessed market feasibility, EnviraBoard is progressing a supply chain agreement with Palm Paper in Kings Lynn and has already received expressions of interest from distributors in Scandinavia.

The business is forecasting significant international growth as there could be the potential to set-up production facilities at up to 1,000 paper recycling sites.

About EnviraBoard

During the past 15 years, EnviraBoard has invested, developed, prototyped, developed again, and market-tested its carbon-negative building boards. The boards are made from secondary paper waste that cannot be recycled and would normally go to landfill.

The team has a wealth of expertise, technical knowledge and industry experience to ensure the product range meets the sustainability and circular economy requirements of the construction industry.

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EnviraBoard ‘s launch is being supported by the specialist environmental incubator and accelerator 350 PPM.

About 350 PPM

350 PPM is on a mission to reduce the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million and reduce CO₂e (equivalent greenhouse gases) to similar levels. It operates as a central legal entity whose purpose is incubating and accelerating breakthrough environmental businesses, participating directly in the development of client companies to support success. As a result, the companies selected for its portfolio are those that can make the biggest impact on reducing the level of CO₂ per USD invested.

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UK business set to revolutionise circular solution for building products

By Jane Maher 350 PPM Profile 03 Jul 2024