SAIC passes milestone of £2m invested since its merger.

This month Southern Angel Investors Club passed the £2m milestone with investments made in 34 companies who have pitched to the club since it was formed by a merger of Surrey Investors Club, A5K Network and Kent Investor Network in 2021
In three years since merging, with 68 active members we have seen 190 individual investments from 55 of our members with companies seeing investments up to £285k.
During this time we have made six figure investments in:
  • Envorem
  • Flouretiq
  • Swytch Technology
  • Silicon Microgravity
  • Hoxton AI
Recent investments include Enough Safety, Arkivum, All Axis Solutions, Lucida Medical, Microneedle Solutions
The club currently meets five times per year in person at various venues, most commonly Camberley.