Revive Innovations + secures funding from the RCA Design & Innovation S/EIS Fund

The Royal College of Art (RCA) and Infinity Asset Management LLP are delighted to announce that the RCA Design & Innovation S/EIS Fund has invested in Revive Innovations +, a med-tech business developing a new compact class of auto injectors.

Founded in 2019 by Urshita Gautam and Abhisheik Kamal, Revive is developing a compact flat auto-injector device. The device is credit-card sized and can easily slip into a pocket or handbag. Revive is designed to safely deliver the required medical dose regardless of body shape or size. The business started life as Abhisheik’s final year project while he was studying for his MA in Design Products at the RCA, supported by Urshita with design research while studying for her MA in Writing, also at the RCA. Since completing their degrees Urshita and Abhisheik have been supported by InnovationRCA, the RCA’s award winning incubator.

Abhisheik Kamal, co-founder of Revive Innovations, said: “Revive is on a mission to apply design thinking and tools to the injectables drug delivery market in order to develop patient-centric devices for self-management. Our journey started when Urshita and I began to look into the importance of user profiles when generating designs for mass consumption as part of an RCA initiative for collaboration between different programmes to encourage a more multidisciplinary approach to design. We were quickly drawn to medical devices designed for self-management, particularly the auto-injector, which was originally designed for military applications – suggesting a user group of young, healthy men enlisting in the army. We asked ourselves if the user profile needed to be updated and the answer was that it obviously does, with the current devices available on the market severely lacking. Over the past few years, we have redesigned the auto-injector to make it more patient-centric, based on an inclusive user profile. The investment from the RCA Fund will enable us to move forward with a pilot production to test our device’s ability to fulfil market demands.”

Dr Nadia Danhash, Director of InnovationRCA, said: We believe the compactness of the Revive device will not only help ensure that allergy sufferers always carry it, but that it also challenges the old assumptions that medical devices will work equally for both sexes. The beauty of this device is that it will work more effectively with all body shapes and sizes. Urshita and Abhisheik are amazingly talented and hardworking founders and we’re tremendously happy that the Fund has invested in Revive.”

Since 2015, InnovationRCA has operated its angel network, AngelClubRCA, which was set up to promote and encourage commercial enterprise in the UK by connecting the most promising S/EIS early-stage RCA start-ups with investors. Now with the RCA Design and Impact S/EIS Fund, more qualified investors can access the unique multi-sector RCA pipeline at a very early stage while valuations are low and those companies are incubated and supported by InnovationRCA.