Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund 3 has fully invested in a portfolio of promising technology companies

Oxford Innovation Finance, the home of OION and Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund, has fully invested its third EIS Fund in a portfolio of nine innovative and ambitious technology companies with the potential to achieve significant growth.

Within the 2023/24 financial year, Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund 3 successfully allocated investments across a diverse selection of high quality and high-growth UK early-stage science and technology companies developing solutions to the challenges of our future.

With a focus on supporting the next generation of disruptive science and technology companies, the Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund provides a high level of diversification for investors and value to early-stage companies that goes deeper than just funding.

Oxford Innovation Finance continues to identify and invest in promising early-stage companies being developed across the UK through the Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund. Partnering like-minded investors with early-stage companies seeking investment to develop bold ideas that address the needs and aspirations of future generations, Oxford Innovation Finance provides access to the flourishing UK innovation ecosystem.

The current Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund has its second close for investment on 31st July 2024*. Visit the Oxford Innovation Finance website to find out more.

The nine early-stage companies in the Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund 3 portfolio are:

  • Interpac – a sustainable and low-cost solution to the production of corrugated board.
  • Cyjax – a leading cyber threat intelligence company that provides tailored cybersecurity solutions for organisations
  • Deep Planet – an Agri-tech start-up using AI technology to help winemakers and growers tackle the challenges of climate change.
  • Oxford Space Systems – a deployable antenna company helping to unlock the full utility of satellites on orbit.
  • Hexigone – a revolutionary technology delivering high-performance, sustainable alternatives to traditional inhibitors in the coatings industry.
  • InferSens – an award-winning sensing technology that monitors the flow and temperature of water systems to minimise waste and improve sustainability.
  • Mirico – a high performance gas sensing technology gathering planet-harming emissions data to transform productivity of the energy sector and help meet sustiability goals.
  • Plyable – the world leading custom composite mold producer deliver the high-quality precision molds using advanced AI.
  • Aura – a digital funeral planning and delivery tool tackling the fear, uncertainty and complexity surrounding death.

Jens Tholstrup, Executive Chairman of Oxford Innovation Finance, said: “We are delighted to have fully invested our third EIS Fund in another diverse portfolio of early-stage companies, developing unique solutions to some of the worlds greatest sustainability challenges. With a record number of new companies founded in the UK in 2023, the market for innovative opportunities is crowded and identifying the best opportunities can be challenging. Oxford Innovation has the skills and knowledge to bring the latest evolution of innovative UK businesses to a diverse audience of investors and support them on the next stage of their growth journeys.”

* CAPITAL AT RISK – Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.