inc. The Social Incubator: Providing routes to socially responsible investing

In an era where socially, responsible investing is gaining prominence, our specialist programme inc. The Social Incubator provides a platform for investors looking for such opportunities.

As a new and expanding force, now working with our fourth cohort of social entrepreneurs in the social investment space, we take pride in fostering innovative ideas, which through a multifaceted approach,  redefine the narrative of responsible investment finance.

Part of the Aster Foundation (which is part of housing association Aster Group) inc. our social incubator nurtures impactful societal enterprises which align with our mission to build businesses to change the world. The businesses on the cohort will align to one of our priority areas: mental wellness and social connectivity, financial inclusion, employment, as well as sustainability and the green agenda. During the 10-month programme, our inc. entrepreneurs deliver impact pilots across our local communities.

By getting involved with inc. investors gain exclusive access to this portfolio of startups. These businesses combine financial viability and return on investment with meaningful social solutions across a range of markets and industries.

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to creating a supportive ecosystem for startups. Through mentorship, resources, and a collaborative community, we empower these ventures to scale successfully, maximising returns for investors while amplifying their positive societal impact.

For investors, being part of inc. not only signal their commitment to investing responsibly but also position them as leaders in driving positive change. However, our incubator goes beyond offering investment opportunities; it facilitates a powerful network of like-minded professionals, thought leaders, and influencers, creating a dynamic ecosystem propelling the socially responsible investing movement forward.

Join us on the journey of empowerment and change. inc. The Social Incubator is not just a platform; it’s a beacon guiding investors towards a future where financial success and societal well-being are intricately woven together.

Please contact tamsin.southby@aster.co.uk if you wish to be part of our VIP investment event for July 2024.

You can find out more about the Aster Foundation here.

The inc. programme is proudly supported by Aster Group UK and McAndrew Martin Ltd

Aster Foundation is a CIO (registered charity number 1198145)