Meet the 10 incredible businesses taking part in ‘Venture into Space’

UKBAA and Type One Ventures recently launched our joint ‘Venture into Space’ programme, backed by the UK Space Agency. After a rigorous judging process, we are delighted to share the top 10 standout, high growth space tech businesses set to take part in our 12 month long programme.

The programme has been developed to up-skill high-potential SMEs developing innovative space tech solutions to prepare them for successful investment raises. We’re delighted to have partnered with Type One Ventures – a prominent VC who have invested in the leaders in this sector: Gravitics, Space Forge and SpaceX – we plan to activate our combined investor networks, drawing our contacts into the programme, whether in terms of mentoring or having them be a part of our online investor-focused conferences. Should you wish to express an interest in supporting the programme, please do so here.


Get to know our exceptional cohort:

AlphaEO is a downstream Earth Observation company offering a dynamic, user-friendly dashboard via cloud computing for near-real-time monitoring of environmental assets such as agriculture, forestry and urban landscapes. By harnessing cutting-edge satellite technology and pioneering innovative geospatial data analytics approaches, AlphaEO delivers insights into environmental conditions through an accessible user-interface, enabling informed decision-making through enhanced visibility into ecological and operational dynamics. Whether optimising resource management, advancing sustainability initiatives, or mitigating operational risks, AlphaEO equips individuals and businesses with the data-driven intelligence necessary to lead with confidence. Find out more.

Antonym is building the infrastructure to power the future of space manufacturing. Antonym is building a network of autonomous microfactories, driven by a cloud-based digital supply chain to enable local and on-demand production of precision aerospace metal parts & components closer to their point of use. Harnessing Cloud, Industrial Metal Additive Manufacturing & Robotics, Antonym’s containerised micro factory production system produces parts for space applications 4x faster, 30% cheaper, and 80% greener. Find out more.

AugmentAero Combining AR Technology with AI and Machine learning for the aviation sector improving safety, efficiency and performance. Find out more.

Fluidic Logic technology enables the rapid development of manufacture ready designs for fluidic machines: from microfluidics for biotechnology, through soft robotics for wearable technologies, to hydraulic control systems for industrial robotics. Fluidic Logic Ltd. is in the process of starting up and is based upon technology that has been in development for over 10 years. It has been supported by The University of Edinburgh via the NxNw ICURe programme and technology arising from the InnovateUK Connect-R project. The technology enables the rapid development of manufacture ready designs for fluidic machines: from microfluidics for biotechnology, through soft robotics for wearable technologies, to hydraulic control systems for industrial robotics. Our Fluidic Design Automation tools will enable the next generation of smart fluidic machines, with a particular focus on space and harsh environments. Find out more.

HTMS is a Materials Technology business that has developed the next generation of Ceramic Matric Composites (CMCs), materials with exceptional thermal shielding properties and capable of solving the challenge of the extreme temperature range experienced by space craft during their lifetime.  Through a novel new chemistry, HTMS has reduced the temperatures required to process their materials thus lowering the input costs and CO2 emissions of their CMCs.  The reduction in processing temperature also enables the use of alternative fibres (such as glass and carbon) within the system giving previously unobtainable performance advantages. Find out more.

Hycean is a pioneering tech company at the forefront of efficient and sustainable power solutions, innovating with their groundbreaking HYCE™ technology and Hycean-hub platform. They’re not just tackling the global challenge of over 1.5 billion polluting engines; they’re reimagining power generation for the future. The technology significantly boosts engine efficiency and facilitates the use of renewable fuels like green hydrogen, offering a scalable, affordable path to cleaner energy. Beyond their planet, HYCE™’s remarkable efficiency and fuel flexibility have profound implications for space exploration, providing viable power solutions for vehicles and equipment in extra-terrestrial environments. Hycean is powering a future where clean, efficient energy is accessible to everyone everywhere – from Earth to the far reaches of space – making the vision of a sustainable and exploratory future economically feasible and technologically achievable. Find out more.

IONETIC is a one-stop solution for battery pack technology, providing battery pack solutions that meet both performance and cost targets. We do this by reducing battery pack development costs up to 10x and tailoring the battery pack design. IONETIC is vertically integrated, carrying out the design, test, and manufacturing of battery packs, while leveraging that vertical integration with our battery platform, Arc. Arc standardises materials, geometries, the bill of materials & process, and more, allowing all battery packs to share a common foundation while being tailored to the exact needs of the customer. Find out more.

ULTRARAM™ is a remarkable, patented, memory technology developed by Lancaster University. It exploits a quantum-mechanical process called resonant tunnelling, allowing ULTRARAM™ to deliver non-volatility with fast and energy-efficient write and erase, resulting in high endurance. This combination of properties was thought to be unachievable until now. ULTRARAM™ has the non-volatility of flash, with a performance that is expected to exceed that of DRAM. Find out more.

Space Power is leading the industry in LASER power beaming for space applications since 2020 – specifically supplying wireless power banks which are uniquely compatible with any spacecraft.  Currently, there is a big demand for emergency power supplies, to help near-retirement satellites in the eclipse. The peak of retirements is approaching rapidly, from 2028 – 2038, representing a SOM of approximately $60Bn in assets, not considering the revenue and business risk avoidance on offer. Find out more.

UAP UK stands at the forefront of revolutionary climate engineering, pioneering the development of cutting-edge technologies aimed at crafting sustainable atmospheres on Earth and beyond. Their flagship innovations, the Atmospheric Processing Plant (APP) and the Electromagnetic Plasma Separator (EMPS) are not just solutions to today’s environmental challenges; they’re keystones in humanity’s quest for interplanetary habitation. UAP UK’s mission transcends traditional boundaries, venturing into space exploration, where they aim to deploy our terraforming technologies and create breathable atmospheres on off-world planets with a team led by visionaries and experts in environmental science and engineering. UAP UK is engineering the future of planetary living — making sustainable habitats a reality on Earth and in the cosmos. Find out more.

Investors wanting to join us on this journey, express an interest here. Corporates wanting to find out more about ways to get involved, register your interest here.

By UKBAA 08 Apr 2024