Envestors Launch ‘Fast-track To Finance’ Fundraising Accelerator for Early Stage Companies

Envestors to tackle early-stage capital funding crunch with the launch of their fundraising accelerator for B2B companies raising up to £1m in equity investment, the culmination of twenty years’ experience supporting start-ups on their growth journeys.

April, 2024, London – Envestors, the UK advisory for high-growth founders, today announced that they are launching their ‘Fast-track to Finance’ Fundraising Accelerator for entrepreneurs looking to raise equity investment, commencing Spring 2024.

Envestors have been helping start-ups raise equity investment since 2004, and with two decades of experience in the early-stage investment space have helped to raise over £100m for over 200 start-ups across the UK, including helping to close a £4m round in February of 2024.

As the current economic climate continues to challenge entrepreneurs, with investors more restrained than previous years and the funding landscape increasingly competitive, it is clear that start-ups – especially those with first time founders – need more support than ever to navigate their fundraising journey.

Moreover, Envestors experience has proven that alongside a difficult market, failure to raise capital is more often than not due to a lack of investment readiness and founders being underprepared, namely, by having an unrealistic valuation, missing key documentation or presenting unachievable business plans.

This is why Envestors have built the ’Fast-track to Finance’ Accelerator to lower these barriers, guide founders in preparing for their fundraise, and provide them with a listing in a regulated marketplace to market their raise.

The programme will provide founders with all the tools necessary to independently manage their fundraise by offering them the chance to work with experts to:

  • Craft their investment proposition
  • Understand their financing options
  • Sort their investment legals, including for the EIS/SEIS schemes
  • Build a realistic financial plan
  • Receive a valuation benchmark for their company
  • Build their investment offer
  • Create a target list of funding sources and outreach plan
  • And perfect their investment pitch

Oliver Woolley, Co-Founder and CEO of Envestors, says ‘We are thrilled to be launching our fundraising accelerator for founders. When I sold my start-up and started Envestors in 2004, our ultimate goals were to help entrepreneurs succeed and to support innovation in the UK. We are all looking forward to continuing to achieve those goals with the ’Fast-track To Finance’ Accelerator.’

The ‘Fast-track To Finance’ Accelerator will launch in April 2024, and is now open to B2B UK registered businesses planning a raise of less than £1m.

Envestors requires a fee to join the programme, but does not take equity or success fees from companies. Register your interest here: https://envestors.envestry.com/fundraising-accelerator


By Chantelle 03 Apr 2024