Britbots is primed for its latest fund deployment

In the wake of artificial intelligence’s watershed year in 2023, Britbots thinks that robotics is also set to have its moment soon with seismic strides being made in the various underlying technologies, including AI, that are needed for highly productive robots.

Britbots is not alone in its exctement: Amazon recently launched a $1 billion Innovation Fund to invest in start-ups that combine AI with robotics.

Britbots is pleased to announce that the latest vintage of its predominantly-SEIS-qualifying fund will close at the end of March; and is still able to accept last-minute subscriptions.

A portfolio of fantastic UK-based robotics, automation and AI investee companies have been identified.

Britbots is primed for its latest fund deployment

By Britbots Britbots Profile 25 Mar 2024