InvestUK Chairman, Rupert Gather delivers a speech at the UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Arts Education in Abu Dhabi

In his address at the UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Arts Education, Rupert emphasised the significance of the Marco Polo Foundation, an initiative born from the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo’s death. He highlighted how the foundation aims to bridge the ancient Silk Roads’ cultural connectivity with the modern world, particularly through the lens of a digital art exhibition and mentioning “the fact that UNESCO chose Abu Dhabi as a destination for their conference is very fitting also because you can’t just have trade without cultural connectivity.”

Rupert spoke on the digital art competition, stressing its role in celebrating cultural diversity and universality simultaneously. He articulated the foundation’s vision, stating, “We apply these three things into the framework of the digital art competition where we’re inviting young people particularly to create art that does exactly this: relive, revisit, renew.” Along with the three themes for high school participants— “Our People and Our Land,” “Traditions,” and “A Shared Future”— these aim to encourage an exploration of cultural diversity, traditions, and inclusivity.

Looking forward, Rupert expressed his hopes for the foundation’s growth beyond the initial digital art competition, envisioning scholarships, internships, and more and he concluded by encouraging continued engagement and participation, emphasising the lasting impact of Marco Polo’s legacy. Find out more about the MarcoPolo700 Foundation.

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