SFC Capital and PHTA agree to Investment Partnership

  • SFC Capital and the University of Birmingham’s Precision Health Technologies Accelerator (PHTA) announce an investment partnership to support promising Health and MedTech companies in the West Midlands
  • Partnership welcomed by Midlands Mindforge, and both commit to future collaboration with Midlands Mindforge around future co-investment opportunities

In a landmark partnership, SFC Capital, the UK’s most active seed-stage investor and the University of Birmingham’s Precision Health Technologies Accelerator (PHTA), have announced an investment partnership to support promising HealthTech and MedTech companies. The partnership aims to nurture and support science-backed startups on their commercialisation pathway. SFC Capital and PHTA have also committed to coordinate with Midlands Mindforge, an ambitious patient capital investment company, in exploring future co-investment opportunities aimed at nurturing the IP-rich start-up landscape in the Midlands.

PHTA: A Catalyst for Health Innovation

The Precision Health Technologies Accelerator (PHTA) will soon occupy the top three floors of No.1 BHIC, the flagship building of Birmingham Health Innovation Campus which is being delivered through a long-term collaboration between the University of Birmingham and Bruntwood SciTech. Offering 70,000 square feet of incubation and collaboration space, PHTA aims to be a hub for health and life science businesses to thrive. By uniting entrepreneurs with academic and clinical leaders, PHTA fosters unique opportunities for commercialising breakthrough therapies and technologies.

Professor Gino Martini, CEO of PHTA Ltd, commented: “This exciting partnership symbolises the depth of ambition in the Midlands life sciences sector. We know we have the talent and expertise in the region, and by offering both the incubation space and the commercial backing needed by start-ups, our partnership will accelerate business growth while ensuring medical advances reach patients faster.”

SFC Capital: Commitment to the Midlands

SFC Capital, renowned for its dynamic approach to seeding British startups, has a strong focus on investing beyond London, evident in its recent ‘Most Active Investor in the Regions’ accolade at the Angel Investment Awards 2023. Their collaboration with leading universities and innovation hubs, particularly in the Midlands, is a cornerstone of their investment strategy, participating in notable university spinouts like Graide from the University of Birmingham and Figura Analytics from Loughborough University, as well as supporting Midland’s EV-charger startup Petalite.

These investments underscore the potential of the region, accelerated through the work of PHTA, and organisations like Midlands Mindforge. Therefore, SFC Capital is doubling down on its commitment to funding innovation in the region.

Stephen Page, CEO of SFC Capital, stated, “The partnership with PHTA illustrates our commitment to fostering innovation in the UK’s regions, especially the vibrant Midlands. Together, we’re set to accelerate the journey of promising MedTech startups from concept to market.”

Midlands Mindforge: Fuelling Regional Ambitions

Midlands Mindforge, co-founded by eight research-intensive universities in the Midlands, is a dedicated, ambitious patient capital investment company, aiming to turbocharge the translation of world-class innovations from the lab into successful businesses. Mindforge is committed to acting as an innovation flywheel, looking to collaborate with co-investors across the region to nurture and grow a sustainable spinout ecosystem, focusing on green technology, deeptech, and life sciences sectors.

Dr Lisa Smith, CEO of Midlands Mindforge, said: “Collaboration is a key value of Midlands Mindforge and I applaud PHTA and SFC Capital on their partnership. Teamwork between regional partners will enable us all to build the necessary ecosystem which will allow spinouts from our partner universities, and other IP-rich businesses in the Midlands to be a commercial success. SFC Capital’s investment in the region highlights the opportunity for Mindforge to attract significant co-investors in the future. I am delighted to see this investment partnership between SFC and PHTA and I welcome their aim to work with us in the future as we unlock the potential of the Midlands.”

A Tripartite Vision for the Future

Collaboration between SFC Capital and PHTA, alongside potential future work with Midlands Mindforge, represents a collective commitment to transform and scale up the Midlands’ IP-rich startup landscape. This arrangement to support the start-up ecosystem will act as a catalyst to further the growth of cutting-edge science and technology startups in the region.

SFC Capital’s regional focus and expertise, combined with PHTA’s state-of-the-art facilities and Midlands Mindforge’s ambitious investment strategy, create a powerful trifecta. Together, they are set to transform the Midlands into a thriving MedTech and HealthTech innovation hub.