Henley Business Angels members invest in Renovos Biologics, a biotechnology company that is harnessing nanotechnology to precisely deliver therapeutic agents for regenerative medicine

Investors in this round: Henley Business Angels

Five Henley Business Angels members have invested in Renovos Biologics, an innovative biotechnology company harnessing nanotechnology to precisely deliver therapeutic agents for regenerative medicine.

With an ageing population, as well as a more active lifestyle amongst the younger demographics, the clinical need for long-term tissue regeneration is growing rapidly.
Existing already within orthopaedics is the use of stem cells to trigger tissue regeneration, combined with the use of Bone Morphogenic Protein-2 (BMP-2) for new bone formation.
Despite, this, each year 3.4 million spinal fusion procedures take place with a 20-40% failure rate; due to complications accompanying the clinical use of BMP-2 due to poor local retention and high dosage required.

Tackling this issue head-on, Renovos Biologics’ innovative solution, RENOVITE®, has unprecedented retention properties, allowing significant dose reduction, lower cost and improved safety of potent drugs.
RENOVITE® is a synthetic, biodegradable nanoclay carrier that can be used to place a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs at the site of treatment across a range of applications, from bone regeneration to wound healing and soft tissue repair.

It’s not just Henley Business Angels members that believe RENOVITE® is groundbreaking, charity Orthopaedic Research UK has also recognised the potential benefits of the innovation by making their first-ever equity investment in Renovos Biologics.
Dr Agnieszka Janeczek, Founder and CEO of Renovos Biologics , welcomed the investment, explaining they would be using the funding towards “advancing the development of [their] orthobiologics product, RENOVITE® nanoclay, and progressing through regulatory milestones to get this technology closer to clinic and spinal fusion patients.”
Professor William Kilgallon, Lead Angel for the HBA investment and Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Reading congratulated Renovos Biologics, saying “It has been a pleasure working with Agnieszka and her team on this investment round.“

Read more about Renovos Biologics and the investment they received from Henley Business Angels “https://henleybusinessangels.com/investment-news-renovos-biologics/>here.