InvestUK announce shift towards Angel and Venture investment without settlement as a factor in decision-making.

InvestUK has been helping international innovators and investors build better businesses in Britain since 2013. During those ten years our core values have remained the same – a passionate belief in Britain as the best destination in the world for international entrepreneurs to bring their skills, experience and capital. We are incredibly proud that this commitment has resulted in foreign direct investment of £250m and the creation of over 9,000 new British jobs.

Although we have never been an immigration business, the reality is that the UK Government’s various programmes to encourage global investors to settle in the UK have been a powerful catalyst for investment and we have helped 500 fantastic clients from 305 countries realise their ambitions in this way. Over the years the programmes have become increasingly complex so sadly the UK has lost much talent to competing jurisdictions such as Canada and Portugal that offer more straightforward and welcoming programmes. We can of course still help clients navigate the complexities, but increasingly InvestUK is more focused on Angel and Venture investment without settlement as a factor in decision-making.

Whilst we in the UK are very good at talking our country down, the reality is that the enterprise economy is alive and well, and a huge draw for investment. Indeed, a recent report from HSBC Innovation Banking found British start-ups came ahead of the rest of Europe and in Q3 alone, £4bn was invested into UK start-ups meaning that globally, the UK is behind only the US and China for start-up VC funding. We play our part and, in Q4 this year, InvestUK’s international clients are expected to make investments of £30m into 25 projects in a broad range of sectors including renewables, EdTech, high-end manufacturing and healthcare. As we focus on more mainstream foreign direct investment, we expect to grow this with a £100m investment forecast for 2024.

We are backing Britain.