Connectd launches Connectd Investor Community

Connectd, the leading platform that connects entrepreneurs and startups with investors to secure growth opportunities, launched its much anticipated Investor Community last week.

The Connectd Investor Community has been created in response to feedback from investors on the platform – and in the wider ecosystem – who highlighted the dearth of opportunities for investors to connect and collaborate with each other. Investing can seem like a lonely pursuit at times, and many angels reported that while the old adage “your network is your net worth” holds true, it can often be difficult to find support and advice from within the investor community.

Laura Church, Head of the Investor Platform at Connectd, explained, ‘We’re all about connecting the early-stage ecosystem, especially founders with investors – we’ve actually facilitated over 30,000 connections to date. But when I started really drilling down into what our investor members wanted, the need for an exclusive investor community was obvious. We want to allow investors to support each other, learn from each other and help each other to find opportunities, away from the noise of the rest of the early-stage ecosystem.”

After rigorous beta testing and feedback from select members, the Community went live last week, providing a vast range of resources, features and support for both angel and institutional investors. 

The online platform offers the opportunity to connect with other like-minded investors, create public and private groups and bring your syndicate on board. The ability to share deal flow, discuss topical themes and contribute knowledge and expertise sat high on the list of priorities for investors consulted during the development process, as did the need for dedicated investor-only events.

In addition, the Connectd Community also offers curated live-feed news, topical videos, exclusive events and hand-picked deals from across the Connectd platform, all supported by a dedicated Community Manager.

And for those who want to upskill their angel investing, Professor Stephen Scruton has created a bespoke course, Available only on the Connectd Investor Community, the course provides an introduction to angel investing. Further specialist courses will be released soon, with the next one focused on DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) and their use within angel syndicates.

Roei Samuel, Connectd CEO and founder, himself an angel investor, says he immediately saw the value of an Investor Community: ‘Some of the best advice I’ve ever had has come from other investors in my network, and I’m not just talking business advice. If we can widen that community network, and create even more support systems for investors, it can only be a huge benefit to the early-stage space and the individuals who invest into it.’

You can learn more about the Connectd Investor Community here: https://www.connectd.com/investors-new


By laurachurch 18 Sep 2023