Sustainable Ventures is delighted to announce our investment into Danu Robotics Ltd (“Danu”).

Investors in this round: Sustainable Ventures

Danu is developing innovative robotics and computer vision technology, initially to improve the rate and sorting quality of recyclable material, but with the potential for a number of other industrial use cases. The key advantages of the system for customers are:

  • Improved productivity with significantly lower labour requirement
  • Higher accuracy and quality of sorting and therefore quantum of recyclable material – Danu aims to reduce contamination from 50% to 10%
  • Lower material to landfill = lower landfill taxes and is a more attractive proposition for local authority clients
  • Lightweight patented system available at a lower price point (c40% lower) than other robotic systems in the market.

Product development is well advanced, having been supported by a number of grants and conducted in partnership with industry. The company has just commenced a key field trial with Glasgow City Council and is in negotiations about further trials and commercial relationships with some of the largest global waste management companies.

The Danu team is led by Xiaoyan (“Amy”) Ma, who has significant experience working within corporates to design and deliver computer vision-led technologies. Stephen Marshall is the co-founder, with 25 years of engineering and manufacturing experience across multiple industries. The founders are augmented by experts in the field of computer vision and robotics.

You can find out more information about Danu here  https://danurobotics.com/about/