Sustainable Ventures completes investment into Windscope

Investors in this round: Sustainable Ventures alongside SFC and a number of angels

Windscope has developed a leading SaaS machine learning platform for the onshore and offshore wind industry to monitor and manage the component condition of their assets, without the need for any additional hardware.

O&M costs account for 25% of the lifetime cost of a turbine, with operator margins being squeezed as the market starts to mature. There is therefore a huge incentive for customers to get access to better data and insights about performance, with even incremental margin improvement having the potential to transform the economics of a farm. Currently, the majority of operators run secondary SCADA systems but the limited data that is generated is based on simplistic threshold-based SCADA alarms and provides limited health or predictive data.

In contrast, Windscope’s complex algorithms and engineering logic underpinning the platform significantly improves accuracy and addresses two key challenges for operators:

  • Need for independent (non-OEM) analytics – so that OEM equipment insights are shared freely and accurately with operators/ owners as the OEMs to rapidly identify potential faults. 
  • Maintenance task validation – Ensuring operators can validate that technicians are conducting all of the maintenance instructed, or that work carried out has been effective in remedying a degrading system. Windscope provides this insight across thousands of systems in a portfolio at the click of a button, on demand. 

The product is currently undergoing a Beta test programme on 200MW of installed capacity across six onshore operators to validate outputs ahead of potential adoption.

The team behind Windscope comprises 5 founders, led by Dr Joe Donnelly, who has significant technology engineering experience within the wind and nuclear sectors. The rest of the team comprises a combination of deep digital / AI development, engineering and operational skills.

Sustainable Ventures has invested alongside SFC and a number of angels. This raise will enable the team to build out additional commercial and product team members and get the platform to market.

You can find out more information about Windscope here:https://windscope.com