Entrepreneurs will pitch to investors at the Summer pitch event

Dorset Business Angels (DBA) will hold their Summer pitch event on June 19th at the Bournemouth Carlton Hotel. The event will serve as a platform for five ambitious entrepreneurs to present their ventures and make a compelling case to capture the attention and interest of the investors in attendance.

Here is a brief synopsis of each pitch:

  • Online sales of discounted liquidated stock – This Company has an ‘Amazon” style platform and provides a facility to liquidate excess stock.  Branded products are bought at a significant discount and are then sold D2C far below store prices. This market has changed considerably in recent years. Warehouses currently hold record amounts of stock, but the discount chains no longer trade in excess stock. This causes problems for the big brands, who need to clear excess stock and release capital to fund and make room for their new ranges.
  • Fighting the climate crisis and empowering climate action by providing standardised data analytics to reduce carbon footprints – This Company’s award-winning ‘Climate Intelligence’ platform is one of the first to provide a carbon data collection system that aggregates and shares data between its subscribers – currently large public and private sector enterprises. Data gathered is standardised, analysed, and stored in a database, which is then shared amongst the subscribers. This then gives them an affordable solution to decide the best strategy to adopt in order to achieve their particular net-zero targets.
  • Personal AI money coach, helping young people to learn about and manage their money – This Company has developed a novel credit risk prediction and reduction model that predicts readiness for credit without the need for a traditional credit score, identifying both overlooked good customers and potentially risky customers.
  • Locally brewed award-winning craft ale manufacturer and distributor – This Company’s aim is to manufacture, market, sell and distribute consistently high-quality ales and associated services throughout Dorset, and then nationally and internationally. The USPs are high-quality ingredients – typically floor-malted barley – manufactured using environmentally friendly production processes. This company is also working on a second brand which will produce modern beers that are new to the UK spectrum.
  • Interactive marketing technology software for the property sales sector – Revenue-generating and founded in 2018 by two award-winning innovators, this Company has identified a significant gap in the property sales process. It has developed a 3-D Maquette Sales Platform, which is now gaining traction in the real estate market.

Debbie Frith, DBA Director and Event Manager comments “On June 19th three out of the five pitching businesses are from our locality which is just fantastic. This emphasis on local participation strengthens our mission to foster entrepreneurship and investment opportunities within our community.”

Established in 2013, DBA is dedicated to providing local high-net-worth (HNW) and sophisticated investors (SI) with quality private equity investment opportunities. The investments facilitated by DBA are in the form of equity investments rather than debtors’ loans, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties involved. With a broad investment scope, DBA supports ventures across various sectors, fostering diverse entrepreneurial endeavours.

Angel investments can take the form of individual investors or syndicates comprising two or three angels pooling their funds to support a company. This collaborative approach allows for increased investment potential and shared expertise among the investors, creating a robust support system for the businesses they back.

DBA enjoys the support and sponsorship of Saffery Champness Accountants, Ellis Jones Solicitors, and Investec. To register for the pitch event please click through to the event page.