Sustainable Ventures announces an investment into Kuppa Group Ltd

Investors in this round: Sustainable Ventures

Kuppa has developed a B2B platform that assesses the most effective and cost-efficient retrofit and electrification upgrades for any home in the UK. The platform, which can be accessed via API or White Label interface, creates a 3D virtual energy model and audit that is used to simulate retrofit solutions and their impact on a property. Kuppa can also assess a homeowner’s ability to access grants and subsidies and guide the discussion between homeowner and retrofit contractor. The team estimates that for every £100 spent on their suggested upgrades, they are able to unlock £420 in energy bill savings, £1,540 spent with local suppliers and save 2.8 tonnes of CO2e.

The global residential energy retrofit market is worth £170bn annually, with the UK contributing around £6.5bn of that value. The growth in this market is expected to accelerate into double digits in the coming years with changes in government policy, such as minimum EPC requirements for rented homes and the extension of the boiler upgrade scheme. These factors are particularly pronounced in the UK as our housing stock is among the oldest in the world.

Kuppa’s MVP covers over 95% of properties in England and Wales. At this stage the team is refining their product/ market fit with their various customer types including local authorities, energy suppliers and tech companies. Initial traction comes from a trial currently ongoing with a West Midlands based local authority and late-stage negotiations are underway for pilots with one of the big 6 energy suppliers as well as with additional service providers in the Battery distributor and installer space.

The Kuppa team consists of Kirsty Kenney (CEO) and Reinier Zeldenrust (CTO). Kirsty has extensive built environment experience as a Strategy consultant at Accenture (within the Cities Practice), as Head of Special projects at Resi and as Head of Strategy & Operations at Hubble Reinier was an ex-Associate Partner at Foster + Partners and Head of Advanced Building Physics at Atelier Ten.

You can find out more information about Kuppa here: https://yourkuppa.com/