Sustainable Ventures announces their latest investment into Mykor Ltd

Investors in this round: Sustainable Ventures is co-investing alongside Green Angel Syndicate and several angel investors

Mykor is a biotechnology company focused on creating carbon-negative building materials using fungi and waste. Their first product, MykoFoam, is a carbon-negative insulation sheet that uses 90% less water, 40% less energy, and 60% less CO2 than traditional competitors. To date Mykor has won several grants from Innovate UK and the EU which has funded the early stages of their research and development.

The global market for thermal insulation materials is worth in excess of $35 billion and in light of numerous policies in recent years aiming for more efficient housing stock, demand for sustainable insulating materials is due to rise. While Mykor does face competition from incumbent manufacturers and other innovative and sustainability led companies, they aim to be comparable on price while also being highly fire-resistant and carbon negative through use of renewable waste feedstock.

The Mykor team aims to use the IP they have developed with this initial product as the base upon which they will develop new products across other sectors thus amplifying the impact they are able to deliver and providing ample opportunities for the company to continue scaling in the coming years.

The co-founders of Mykor are Valentina Dipietro and Olivia Page. Valentina (CEO) holds a Master of Arts in Apparel and Textiles from the Royal College of Art and has spent her career to date as a Product Specialist within MatchesFashion and various other roles in material design. Olivia (COO) holds a Master of Architecture from Central Saint Martins and has spent a significant amount of time within the construction industry at VerdeOeste.

This raise will enable Mykor to certify and launch MykoFoam in the UK and Portuguese markets, as well as to expand its team in Portugal, develop a pilot factory and test concepts for upcoming projects.

You can find out more information about Mykor here: https://www.mykor.co.uk/

Sustainable Ventures is co-investing alongside Green Angel Syndicate and several angel investors.