Community of Purpose marks decade of landmark social mobility project

Community of Purpose, an award-winning not-for-profit community interest company, is celebrating a decade of its landmark Bristol Together Championships, which has been recognised as the region’s best school’s social mobility programme.   

Launched in 2012 and supported by the city’s Mayor, Bristol Together Championships is an annual sporting tournament that pulls together primary schools from across the city, representing the diverse communities that make up Bristol and its surrounding areas.   

This project is one of three key initiatives for Community of Purpose, founded by siblings Amy and Joe Kington, aiming to transform the lives and futures of young people through businesses that act as a force for good. The team works to create purposeful partnerships so that businesses and the community thrive.  

Amy Kington, Co-founder and CEO of Community of Purpose, said: “We have supported 150 young people and 40 primary schools each year through the Bristol Together Championships, encouraging an ever-growing number of children to connect and build friendships across perceived divides through football.   

“It helps community cohesion by getting boys and girls to cross the race, class, geographical and faith boundaries that characterise life in the city. People in Bristol may famously speak 91 different languages, but the universal language of football can bring Bristol’s diverse communities together.”  

Teachers from schools across the region have praised the initiative for utilising a rare combination of lived experience, hands-on community experience, an expert level learning and development programme and delivery skills.  

Phil Whiddington, a teacher at West Town Lane Academy, said: “The Bristol Together Championships initiative is no ordinary learning and development programme and is certainly not a tick box exercise. Our young people grew in knowledge, understanding and language which is important to live successfully in a fully inclusive and diverse world.”   

In addition to the Bristol-based tournament, Community of Purpose provide all the necessary resources and support to take 30 children from six of the twinning participating schools on a three-day fully funded trip to Bristol’s twinned city of Bordeaux, giving children who are disadvantaged their first trip abroad and on a plane.   

The impact has seen 95% of children say they have been able to meet people from different backgrounds and religions and 91% want to learn more about those who come from different backgrounds and religions.   

Community of Purpose is dedicated to bringing mutual benefit to the community and the businesses that support it, such as the GS Verde Group, whose unique multidisciplinary team has provided valued accounting and marketing advice.   

Amy continued: “The knowledge generously unlocked within GS Verde to help an organisation like ours to keep an eye on the numbers to ensure we can sustain and increase our work, to continue delivering for our communities.”  

To connect businesses and the local community, GS Verde has organised a special quiz night, in partnership with Community of Purpose. The event is designed to bring businesses from across Bristol together for staff, clients and contacts to mingle, network, and enjoy an entertaining evening in a light-spirited setting while supporting Bristol Together Championships.   

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