Bigspace Investments & Fundmypitch to further deepen partnership

Bigspace Investments, a venture capital company based in Limassol, Cyprus, is announcing a deeper collaboration with Fundmypitch, a UK-based investment platform dedicated to connecting investors and start-ups seeking funds.

Officially launched in November 2022, during WebSummit in Lisbon, Portugal, Fundmypitch has gained traction among the startup community and investors alike. This includes securing an undisclosed investment from Bigspace Investments. Not only will the next round of collaboration include a round of funding but also mentorship, startup guidance and other professional growth opportunities for the Fundmypitch team.

“At Bigspace Investments, it is our mission to invest in companies we feel passionate about and can add value to. It is no secret that at a project’s early stages, support and guidance from a seasoned team of experts can be just as important as funding. 

We are thrilled to support the Fundmypitch team as they work towards revolutionising the start-up scene and private capital investing in the United Kingdom and beyond,” Bigspace Investments’ official statement reads. 

Fundmypitch was seen as a promising project by Bigspace Investments due to its unique and innovative approach to connecting startups with investors. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for startups to submit their funding requests and for investors to browse and assess investment opportunities. The platform also provides a wealth of resources to help startups improve their chances of attracting investment, including tips on pitch preparation and investor marketing.

“We have gained strong traction since the November launch, both in terms of pitches submitted to the platform and investors looking to expand their portfolio. We are currently working on releasing the Version 2 of the platform to provide users with an even better experience and bring them even more value”, says Mr Steven Mooney, the Fundmypitch Co-founder and CEO.

The latest legislation changes in the UK heralded a new era for seed enterprise investment, with 2,065  companies raising £175 million worth of funds under the government’s SEIS scheme between 2020 and 2021. According to official data, approximately 1,660 funded their projects through the SEIS scheme for the first time during this period, accumulating  £154 million worth of investment.

Against this background, Fundmypitch fills the hiatus between promising projects, top talent and UK investors looking for tax-efficient diversification. Committed to finding creative solutions to existing challenges facing entrepreneurs and investors, the company places great emphasis on innovation and technology enablement.

Introducing the concept of community-driven start-up funding, the company’s novel social platform democratises the way entrepreneurs access funds to grow their businesses, and investors source the projects that generate the highest return on investment, by sharing ideas and expertise in a transparent and ultra-secure environment.

To ensure optimal uptime and enhanced data security, Fundmypitch implements the latest data security and encryption protocols so that any data or information transacted through its platform is encrypted peer-to-peer.

About Fundmypitch

Fundmypitch is a London-based social investment platform that connects investors with investment-ready companies seeking funds to kickstart their ventures.

Learn more: https://fundmypitch.com

About Bigspace Investments

Bigspace Investments is a privately owned and managed early stage venture capital company based out of Limassol in Cyprus. The firm invests in companies the leadership feel passionate about and can add value to.

Learn more: https://bigspaceinvestments.com/