AI Rehab Ltd confirms agreement with Aberdeen hospital

Ground-breaking innovative tele-medicine provider Ai Rehab Ltd confirms agreement with Aberdeen hospital for the supply of its revolutionary game orientated physio tracking device ensuing that patients undertaking knee surgery conduct their exercise correctly, and regularly before and after surgery.

Dr Shameem Sampath, founder, said “We have had a successful Real-World Validation of our patented device at the world-famous Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH).

We are further delighted to be able to provide physiotherapy exercises remotely to patients in Aberdeen with osteoarthritis of the knee. Our patented Slider® system empowers and engages patients to do their exercises, in their own time, from the comfort of their homes. This results in savings for both patients and clinicians.”

Having secured initial seed investment of £247k, including investment from Deepbridge Capital LLP,  the engagement with Aberdeen will be the catalyst to secure next round funding.

Here are favourable comments from users:

DM: “My physiotherapist is pleased with my progress and stated that at this stage of my recovery I am in a much better position than many other people are, which I am confident is down to persevering with the Slider® exercises.”

CH: “The exercises are relatively easy but can have a dramatic effect. I think all physio depts should look at stocking this device for relevant patients.”

SH: “Since starting, my knees have been less stiff and painful, and my thigh muscles more toned. I would recommend The Slider® System to anyone with arthritic knees without reservation.”

CJ: “It seems a fantastic bit of kit and seems to be making a real difference for his knee, the exercises and games are both engaging and challenging”