Ultimate Tax Saving Guide for UK Software & Tech Businesses

Did you know? Most start-up tech businesses can receive an average of £124,000 cash or cash equivalent with prudent tax planning and successful grant applications!

My name is Rahamut Bhuiyan, the Chartered Accountant and the Tax Advisor at Price & Accountants Ltd and I am offering you the Ultimate Tax Savings Guide for UK software and tech businesses & learn about six tax-saving concepts for small businesses:

  • Employment allowance relief
  • Super deduction allowance
  • R & D tax credit
  • Company losses to carry back
  • Investment in electric car
  • Salary sacrifice pension scheme

Get your free copy of the Tax guide by clicking the following link – https://priceandaccountants.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Ultimate-Tax-Guide-2.pdf

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