Sustainable Ventures leads investment round into AbsoluteAI

Investors in this round: Led by Sustainable Ventures

AbsoluteAI uses machine learning and algorithms to optimise the drug discovery process, eliminating compounds harmful to the environment and minimising waste. This avoids development pathways that are doomed to be highly expensive and wasteful failures and resolves safety and environmental problems from the start.

The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for 5% of global emissions, with high energy and water usage and significant waste created through the discovery process. Drug manufacturers create 13% more carbon emissions than car manufacturers despite having a market that is 28% smaller. AbsoluteAI technology screens compounds for expected failure and their sustainability and toxicity properties, which saves R&D expense for pharmaceutical companies and significantly reduces carbon emissions, waste, energy and water usage.  

AbsoluteAI is initially tackling the global in-vitro toxicology testing market which is expected to grow at an 11.4% CAGR from £22.7bn in 2020. The team has created an AI screening module to predict mitochondrial toxicity and optimise environmental outcomes, producing superior results to current industry techniques. AbsoluteAI plans to expand into other tests, including full organ toxicity optimisation and full lifecycle sustainability prediction and optimisation. The pharmaceutical industry is a large emitter of carbon emissions at around 52 million tonnes of CO2 per annum, in addition to vast quantities of wasted water and unrecycled waste.  

The team is led by Jordan Lane, Sam Windsor and Layla Hosseini-Gerami. Jordan has worked at Benevolent AI as a Principal Scientist in AI drug discovery and has a PhD in life sciences. Sam was a business consultant in healthcare and digital and has an MBA from INSEAD. Layla is the Machine Learning Lead and has recently completed a PhD in Machine Learning from University of Cambridge where she has focused on small molecule drug discovery. 

Sustainable Ventures has led this round alongside a number of angels and will be providing ongoing commercialisation support to the founders. This raise will enable AA to further develop its core algorithms, build out the team and conduct further pilot testing before securing its first clients. 

You can find out more information about AA here: https://absoluteai.co.uk/