Put your start-up through its paces with the launch of Allia’s new Accelerator Challenge!

Allia are looking for start-ups across the UK that are addressing the most pressing issues in innovative ways.

We’re working with the team at BRAN Investments to offer more expertise, funding opportunities and large network of knowledgeable commercial contacts. We’ll help you work through the 3 phases of the Accelerator Challenge, advancing to successive phases depending on the suitability of the venture’s idea, stage of growth and alignment with investor criteria.  

Phase 1: Venture Foundations – Four workshops reviewing, challenging, and iterating on your venture’s fundamentals and value proposition. 

Phase 2: Pitch Perfect – Three workshops refining your pitch for investor presentation, due diligence, and engagement. 

Phase 3: Demo Day – Ventures will present to collective of investors with BRAN Investments prepared to invest up to £100k as a result of the demo day.  

Throughout these phases, ventures will receive the following:

By Sophie Fryer 16 Sep 2022