JPIN hires financial veterans Parul Jain and Rajiv Kapahi to solidify their global network

JPIN, building the world’s most trusted start-up investment banking platform, appoints financial veterans to help solidify their global advisory & expertise network

  • Parul Jain from Mittal Investments & Rajiv Kapahi, a multi-industry leader join JPIN, leveraging their international Finance + Strategic commercial expertise to expand the global investment corridor

JPIN is delighted to announce the addition of two prominent finance & business strategy experts to their team – Parul Jain joining the advisory board and Rajiv Kapahi joining as the Group COO- collectively bringing with them a wealth of experience from Mittal Investments and Prudential, respectively. Their expertise in global finance and corporate governance will add value to JPIN’s expansion towards exciting opportunities in developing economies such as Africa, South America, Israel, and the EU.

The introduction of renowned high-profile industry experts is yet another exciting move by JPIN and will aid in providing mentorship for new businesses that require strategic guidance in addition to the vital infusion of capital to grow. With a collection of immense expertise in the global finance sector and having scaled business operations, these additions will also assist with providing counsel for investors looking for symbiotic relationships with ambitious start-ups.

Parul Jain joins JPIN as the newly appointed member of their illustrious advisory board. She brings with her over 26 years of corporate finance and M&A experience spanning across KPMG India, followed by over a decade and a half with Mittal Investments UK, the family office of Mr. Lakshmi Mittal, currently serving as Vice President, and has been actively involved across a range of the world’s most crucial industries including oil & gas, telecoms, media, infrastructure, EPC, steel, and fashion. With a robust experience in directing strategic equity investments, Parul’s knowledge of deal origination, investment underwriting, and deal execution in addition to providing strategic advice and operational excellence has delivered growth and profitability for some of the most recognized corporate entities globally. She joins JPIN’s advisory board with a primary focus on strategic direction and financial discipline leveraging her global expertise to ensure the delivery of growth and profitability. Parul’s proven ability to deliver and lead the entire process from acquisition to operational value creation, to ultimate sale, makes her one of the key drivers in assisting with JPIN’s continuous expansion.

Parul Jain, comments: “Emerging markets hold so much untapped potential for both investors and businesses in some of the most sought-after sectors such as fintech, consumer tech, and biotech. I am delighted to be joining JPIN team and to be working with some of the most respected and experienced names in the startup investment industry. Identifying opportunities and providing guidance and support for VC companies is crucial to their success; not only that, in many cases, there is a lack of sophisticated investors with a diverse and global portfolio, so creating this strong foundation behind JPIN and the businesses they work with is the key.”

Rajiv Kapahi, besides being an Advisory Board member joins JPIN as the Group Chief Operating Officer (COO), bringing in cross-functional and cross-industry experience across the AI, HealthTech, Nutraceuticals, MediaTech, FMCG, and EdTech sectors – in India and overseas. Having previously worked at leadership levels with E&Y, Ricoh, Gillette, Owens, Prudential, Max, Dell & Boston Scientific – Rajiv will work alongside JPIN’s co-founders to design and implement long-term strategic plans for business expansion. His experience across a wide range of sectors will be instrumental in guiding and establishing operational policies, procedures & SOPs, that will assist in establishing meaningful relationships with JPIN’s key stakeholders while simultaneously driving long-term value creation and productivity.

Rajiv Kapahi, comments: “I’m delighted to join JPIN at such an exciting time during their growth journey, and looking forward to supporting & driving their expansion into both developing and established economies. It’s great to come into a firm that has done tremendous hard work in the preceding years to establish itself as a trusted investment banking platform for start-ups, and it shall be my endeavour to scale the existing momentum, build on the success till now, and continually contribute to JPIN’s impressive portfolio. Having worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands during my career, I shall be drawing on all my experiences to help deliver capital-efficient profitable growth through appropriate strategic plans which shall aid JPIN’s status as a leader in the start-up and investment arenas.”

Gaurav Singh, the founder of JPIN, comments: “We have a tremendous amount of ambition, not only to help start-ups reach their potential but also to connect experienced investors with previously almost inaccessible markets. Expanding towards developing economies such as Africa, Israel, and South America is a key part of this ambition and so having two experts in the field of global finance – Parul and Rajiv – join our team with such unrivalled expertise, is an exciting moment for JPIN.”

Nayan Gala, founder of JPIN, comments: “At JPIN, our ultimate goal has always been to build the world’s most trusted startup investment banking platform and to help guide the next Unicorns and Decacorns of our generation – and each new market takes us one step closer. Our philosophy revolves around not only providing founders with the best possible advisors and experts but also names and experts that our investors trust, and we are so proud to welcome Parul and Rajiv on board to help us achieve our goals.”

About JPIN

JPIN (www.jpin.co), building the world’s most trusted startup investment banking platform, works across the emerging markets- India, Africa, Latin America, Israel, Singapore, US & Europe. Headquartered in London and with an investor base of over 2000+ UNHNIs and global family offices, JPIN’s integrated approach offers funding, mentorship, and a network of Industry Leaders, Family Offices & Seasoned Angel Investors to young entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses into multiple regions. JPIN is sector and geography agnostic in its investment approach, focusing on creating decacorns (US $10 Bn valuation startups). With over 40 deals concluded in 2021 between the UK and India in early to growth and late-stage startups, JPIN has added several decacorn potentials in its portfolio over a period of 2 years.


By Shreya Palwankar 22 Aug 2022