Get involved with early-stage ventures as a lead investor

As part of Stakeholderz’s latest offering, Lead Angels can now benefit from an exclusive bespoke service where we provide screened deals so they can focus on building their portfolio.

Dermot Hill, CEO of Stakeholderz commented, “We aim to bring great investment opportunities to our 1,600 register of investors.  For some investment opportunities, it is great to have an investor who can evangelise and articulate the story to the potentially investing audience with the Venture Team and their CEO.”

Who are Lead Angels and why are they Important?

We see Lead Angels as either senior executives who have either ‘cashed out’ or, amassed the wealth to invest £100k plus, per investment. They should have a portfolio of investments ideally of 10, some have many more. This confirms their investing experience and willingness to make investments. It also normally confirms their sector preferences.  

As a preference, we also expect to see some realised exits. This experience is a source of great support for the Venture team starting to complete their exit journey.  

What’s in this for the Lead Investor? 

 Investing early is preferred by most investors. Being part of our venture selection process brings early and greater insight into some of our pipeline of ventures. For the lead investor who has made themselves known to us, we will bring them in very early as we see the potential for them to be involved.

Not Been a Lead Investor Before?

If you have the commercial experience, sector knowledge, investment capacity and also an established portfolio but have not yet taken a Lead Investor role, it is still worth getting in touch. Every Lead Investor has to start on this journey at some point so we are delighted to help inspire the journey.

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