Improving Customer Experience key to business success, says new advisory firm

A duo of entrepreneurs has committed to helping SMEs bounce back from the economic turbulence of recent years by becoming more customer centric, with the launch of advisory firm Customer Start.

Helmed by Miles Courtney-Thomas and Richard Godfrey, Customer Start has been founded with the profound goal of helping businesses enhance their Customer Experience strategy to improve customer retention and ultimately bolster success.

A best-selling Customer Experience author and internationally recognised thought leader, Miles Courtney-Thomas has spent over 20 years in the field working with a diverse range of companies, including global giants Deloitte and International Baccalaureate, as well as tech start-ups such as SubHub.

Commercial entrepreneur Richard Godfrey grew his first business to become the largest in its sector, generating turnover over £4.5m and champions business mentoring and support, having also co-founded ENABLE.

The pair have designed a holistic approach to improving business’ customer experience management, based on their wealth of experience in the field.

Miles passionately states: “It’s proven that customer centric companies are more successful than their counterparts, thanks to increased retention and greater revenues through delighted customers.

“After the economic uncertainty faced in recent years, it’s crucial that businesses evaluate how to strengthen their operations. We’re encouraging businesses to consider how enhancing their customer experiences can futureproof against these kinds of disruptions by demonstrating how putting customers at the very start of their strategic thinking has significant long-term benefits.”

The pair have developed a unique Holistic Experience Model that covers five distinct pillars of Customer Experience and can support businesses across each area to have happier, and more engaged customers and employees.

By working with Customer Start, businesses will be supported in developing a bespoke Customer Experience Strategy, gain insight into how to put customer feedback into practice and utilise the best tools and processes for stellar customer service.

Richard adds: “We’re committed to building customer centric companies and providing the very best support to businesses as they invest in Customer Experiences.

“Our trusted and tailored support brings incredible benefits including improved loyalty, increased customer spend and reduced churn, which all underpin a surge in revenue. But the ultimate goal is to make a real impact that can be felt by customers, who will feel rightfully valued.”

More details on the impacts of investing in customer experiences can be found on Customer Start’s website, visit https://bit.ly/3BnvARR