Stakeholderz Utility Token, The Stella Club Launches Today

Active World Club Exchange, a decentralized crypto exchange where AWC members can trade coins and tokens, is pleased to announce the listing of the new Stakeholderz utility token, The Stella Club.

Stakeholderz is a unique equity funding platform that introduces high quality, early stage investment opportunities to Investing Directors and further experienced investors and executives. Today Stakeholderz is announcing the launch of its new utility token known as, the Stella Club.

Stakeholderz Founder and CEO, Dermot Hill commented, “The Stella Club is designed to propel the existing investment platform of Stakeholderz into a fully decentralized application (Dapp) in the Web 3 and Metaverse environment. Within this environment, members of The Stella Club, will build a community where members share knowledge cross skilling crypto and angel investing. 

The Stakeholderz existing technology was built to present early-stage investment opportunities with a rapidly expanding community of 1,600 Angel Investors and a satellite community of over 14,000 high net worth investors. The objective of The Stella Club is build out the Dapp to unite the world of the private investor.”

The Stella Club Utility Token – This is where the New World of Crypto meets with the Old World of Angel Investing. In the “New World” of Crypto, there are approximately 52 million investors worldwide. In the “Old World” of Angel investing there are approximately 350,000 investors worldwide. Stakeholderz and its new utility token, The Stella Club, were designed to unlock the future value created by connecting these two worlds to take advantage of opportunities in Web 3 and the Metaverse. For the Stakeholderz community, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Today the Stakeholderz community takes its first step into this exciting New World.

Active World Club (AWC) – A platform created to decentralize, democratize and demystify finance and other opportunities through the use of cryptocurrencies.

AWC COO, Beau Kelley added, “We’ve very excited and pleased to welcome Stakeholderz to our community. They bring a traditional venture finance tool set to the new world of defi/crypto that I think will be of great value to our projects and our community. ”

About Active World Club

The AWC mission is to create a platform to decentralize, democratize and demystify finance opportunities through the use of cryptocurrencies. Memberships are tailored to all who have a common desire to foster creativity, trade, and community enrichment. With social censorship being more prevalent than ever, the team at AWC created a safe space for all members to share ideas and opinions, respectfully. Joining our community is fast and secure; simply build your profile to immediately gain access to all AWC member features. For more information about Active World Club please visit www.activeworldclub.com or email concierge@activeworldclub.com.

About Stakeholderz

Stakeholderz is a unique equity funding platform that introduces high quality, early stage investment opportunities to its members. They have built a community of more than 1,000 angel investors and have worked with more than 6,000 high net worth individuals. In just the past 12 months Stakeholderz has engaged over 200 founders. For more information about Stakeholderz please visit www.stakeholderz.com.