The Climate for Angel Investing – your chance to have your say

As we approach a further potential UK economic recession and with key possible changes to the investment landscape anticipated, especially the potential end of the EIS scheme as the 2025 Sunset Clause approaches, we are in the process of collecting the views of the UK’s Angel Investment Community regarding their approach to Angel investment over the coming 12 months and what key factors are likely to influence this.

The collection of this data will inform our case to the Treasury to try to ensure that the EIS scheme is retained. We are working closely with BVCA, EISA and VCTA on this survey. We also have the opportunity to feed into the recent Treasury Select Committee review on Venture Capital, which includes Angel Investment and therefore we would greatly appreciate your support in forming as robust response as possible https://committees.parliament.uk/call-for-evidence/2621/

We would be grateful if Angel Investors could take a short amount of time to complete the following survey:

Individual Investors survey  

Please feel free to add any further comments or views that you feel would be relevant.

Responses to be provided by 30th June.

By UKBAA 06 Jun 2022